Lindsey and Jon

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Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Staff

Lindsey and Jon


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Blossom holds a very special place in our hearts.

We have had the opportunity to bring two amazing little girls into the world with the support and love of Blossom staff. After 25+ hours in labor with our first daughter we had to transfer to St. Joe’s for delivery. Although that was not our plan, and was a little overwhelming at the time, Nichelle was right there with us, helping us navigate easily through the hospital (calling ahead so nurses met us in the parking lot, by-passing the lobby and walking us right up and into a delivery room) and staying with us through Sophia’s birth to ensure that we could maintain as natural of a birth as possible in that setting.

Our second daughter, Madeline, was born in the bathtub in Blossom! – this time with Melissa Hardin assisting and changing my life forever with such amazing support and guidance through my contractions, and coaching me in a way that I didn’t know I needed but will never ever forget. Nichelle once again was there in big ways for us too, being the first person to ever touch Madeline, easing her into the world, and taking care of me after Madeline arrived as we rested in the comfort of Blossom’s homey environment.

After the birth of our daughters, Blossom has continued to be a wonderful space for us to meet other moms and babies in the Blossoming Moms group (in person and online); and to have the continuous support and love from Nichelle, Mary and their staff. It is a place that I feel very comfortable and know I can go to anytime I have questions or need reassurance.

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