Mahlaima and Alex

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Mahlaima and Alex


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We were delighted to find Blossom last September (2010) – just in infancy itself with walls going up and floors being finished. We could see the vision that Nichelle and Mary shared of creating a beautiful, and comfortable space to nurture each women and each family throughout pregnancy and birth using a family-centric model of care. Pregnancy is such a transformational experience and Nichelle and Mary honored that and always respected our feelings and needs. Their reverence for childbirth and recognition that each woman and family should choose their own experience helped me gain greater confidence in my instincts and intuition. I felt completely at ease with Nichelle and Mary and came to see them as stewards for our son’s healthy and safe arrival.

1 Mahlaima and Alex blossom birth and wellness center phoenix arizona natural birth breastfeeding midwife doula pregnantI could not be more grateful to Nichelle, Mary and Pam for the support they provided during and after my labor. Mary and Pam saw that my every need was met and helped me keep nourished and strong for the birth. Each time Pam held up a straw for me to drink, I realized I was thirsty and each time she gave me a bite to eat I realized I really was hungry. Pam served me the most amazing fresh pineapple pieces during labor and pineapple will always be a sweet reminder of my first labor. Mary was so intuitive and nurturing and she and Pam gave my husband and I all the support we needed and offered gentle guidance and encouragement at all the right moments. Just four hours after we arrived, our son had a miraculous and beautiful entrance into the world. He was in my arms within seconds where I could finally see his precious face and gaze into his alert and beautiful eyes for the first time. My husband and I lay in bed for hours snuggling and admiring our newborn son. This was exactly the experience we wanted for our family and I know it would not have happened in a hospital setting. Our first night as a family was peaceful and tranquil and will always be one of the most cherished experiences in my life. In the morning, we awoke to the smell of pancakes and maple syrup wafting in from the kitchen. Nichelle had remembered pancakes were my favorite and she even had vegan butter for me!

Our experience at Blossom was perfect in every way and we are forever grateful for the love and support we received and continue to receive as part of the Blossom family. We are so happy and proud to be a Blossom Family

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Mahlaima, Alex and Mattias

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