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Welcome to Blossom’s resources list. Here we list providers, advisors, and anything else that may help with your baby’s new journey. We also list things that we feel could help with any woman’s healthcare and peace of mind. If you would like to see a new item listed here please send us a note through our contact page. We are always looking to expand our list to those services and products that our clients can use to have the absolute best prenatal, birth, and new mom experience.

Birth & Labor Resources

Spinning Babies is a collection of tutorials to help optimize the physical relationship between the bodies of the mother and baby for easing positioning during childbirth.

Calm Birth offers empowering meditation for pregnancy and birth allowing moms to cope with the emotional and physical stresses of welcoming new life.

Birthing From Within is a book offering a holistic approach to childbirth that examines this profound rite-of-passage not as a medical event but as an act of self-discovery. Exercises and activities such as journal writing, meditation, and painting will help mothers analyze their thoughts and face their fears during pregnancy. For use during birth, the book offers proven techniques for coping with labor pain without drugs, a discussion of the doctor or midwife’s role, and a look at the father’s responsibilities.

The Bradley Method® is a 12-week childbirth education class that focuses on preparing you for a natural, unmedicated birth, and on teaching your partner to be your trained labor coach. Each class has a specific topic, but throughout the series we discuss relaxation techniques to help reduce pain during labor, nutrition, exercise, and how your body works (and how to work with your body) during pregnancy and each stage of labor.

Hypnobirthing is a tried and proven method that guides and prepares a woman in giving birth in a peaceful and extraordinarily beautiful manner. It is a program a that considers the psychological, as well as the physical, well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the newborn, independent of context, whether that be in the quiet of a home, a hospital, or a birth center.

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Breastfeeding Support

The Milk Spot is located right next door to Blossom Birth and Wellness Center. This is a great breastfeeding service offering classes, support groups, community resources, and lactation consultants.

La Leche League of Arizona focuses on helping support breastfeeding as the optimal way of feeding baby.

SleepBelt (consumer brand) and Joeyband (Clinical brand) support skin-to-skin and prevent infant falls. It is for immediate and extended skin-to-skin in the O.R., NICU, LDR and at Home.

Mamava designs lactation suites for breastfeeding moms on the go, making the world a friendlier place for women to breast pump or breastfeed.

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Postpartum Care


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Natural Medicine

Aviva Romm is a physician, midwife, and herbalist who gives facts behind the tools you need to bridge traditional wisdom with modern medicine.

Pearls of Oriental Medicine is the home to Pamela J. Wallach who offers treatment in acupuncture for pain, stress, and anxiety.

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Organic Baby Food

Whole Food Mommies is a best cooking blog where you can find whole food recipes, healthy dishes, and nutrition for your kids and family.

Little Spoon is a special delivery service for homemade quality organic baby food delivery.

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Massage Therapy

Rachel Hightower is a licensed massage therapist, specializing in Myotherapy, Myofascial Energetic Massage, Spa Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Swedish Massage, Chair Massage, and Reiki. She also practices Eden Energy Medicine, and has training as a cranial sacral and polarity practitioner.

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Dr. Carla Gibson is a chiropractor that uses the Webster Technique for optimal pelvis alignment used each visit to create the best possible birth position for babies in utero. As long as the pelvis is in a balanced state, the ligaments connected to the uterus maintain an equalized, supportive suspension for the uterus, giving the baby optimal room for growth and development.

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Midwife & Doula Training

Arizona Midwife Licensing is for a person who attends a woman in childbirth, but who is not a physician. Midwifery (being "with woman") focuses on providing care to normal childbearing women and their newborns. In Arizona, there are two types of midwives who may legally assist a woman with childbirth: a certified nurse midwife and a licensed midwife.

DONA International is the leading certification organization for those looking to enter the field of being a Doula.

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