Brit’s Story

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Brit’s Story


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Finally getting around to writing down the story of my birth with sweet Rylee Ann…

It’s a bit long winded, just like any of my stories so just stick with me if you’ve been waiting to hear the story!

Those close to me know how much of a mental and emotional struggle the last week or so of my pregnancy was. There were many MANY tears from a mixture of frustration, excitement, anxiety, and impatience. I always assumed I would go past the 40 week mark because Tuck was 40 weeks and 4 days…I suppose I just didn’t expect to go much further past that so when 41 weeks hit and I was still pregnant, those big emotions just amplified. I started to feel stress and anxiety creep in as that 42 week “cutoff date” to give birth at my birthing center loomed over me. Every day and night I talked to my girl and assured her that no matter how safe she felt in my belly, there was so much more love and comfort waiting for her earthside. My son continued to remind me, “mommy, baby sister will come when she is ready. It’s her body, she knows when it’s the right time. Be patient mommy” Oh my boy, you are wise beyond your years. So, I did my best to take deep, conscious breaths and try and breathe out the anxiety and breathe in peace.

I had to undergo non stress tests a couple different times to be sure we were both ok, and of course, all looked great.

On Sunday night, Tuck woke with a bad dream and asked to sleep in our bed with us…I figured, why not, it may be the last time we snooze as a family of three. On the way to our room he stopped me and kissed my belly and said, “baby girl, you can come out now!” and then, “mommy, maybe baby sister will come tonight!” Mind you…this is the same kiddo that just days before told me that it’s up to baby sister to decide when she is ready and we all just have to wait!

Well, nothing happened that night but I woke Monday morning with cramping and some mild contractions! It was a pleasant thing for me to wake to and luckily, they continued throughout the day and I began to get excited thinking this might finally be THE day!!!

We dropped Tuck off at school and headed to Blossom, our birthing center, for another NST. All went well once again so we grabbed some lunch together and then I went to my amazing chiro for a final adjustment and Jacob went to pick up Tuck and have a special daddy date. All through my adjustment I was having mild contractions and cramping…after I went back to Blossom to receive a pelvic massage treatment from the magical and amazing midwife and herbalist, Diane Bajus. The surges began to get closer together but still completely manageable. It felt so great to just be with Diane as her energy is just so welcoming and calming. She did the massage and some accupuncture and mentioned how open and ready my body was and said she would be surprised if I wasn’t back at blossom by the evening time to give birth to my girl. At this point, I firmly believed the same thing!

It was about 2:30ish at this time and I drove myself home…noticing that the surges were getting much closer together and longer in duration. I started timing them as I drove and could feel myself getting more excited with each one…and realizing I probably shouldn’t be driving! Ha!

I made it home and informed the guys that this was likely the day our girl would be joining us…we all could feel the shift in energy and could barely contain our excitement!

I went to jump in the shower because I just felt stinky and wanted to refresh and just enjoy the calming effects of the water on my body. While in there I lost my mucous plug and was SO excited because it was yet another sign that this was going to happen soon.

I got out and called my midwife, Mary. I explained what happened and mentioned that I’d been having contractions every 3 min or so averaging 45 seconds to 1 minute in length but that they were manageable and I didn’t know how to proceed because this was so different than how my labor started with Tuck.  She said it was best to just head back in to avoid rush hour traffic and be able to get settled in at the birthing center.

brits birth story 2 from blossom birth and wellness center in phoenix arizonaI hung up the phone and yelled to Jacob that it was time!!! We loaded up some snacks from the fridge and grabbed last minute items and loaded into the car. It was close to 3:30 at this point. Contractions started to get closer together and while I was SO excited when each one came, it was also becoming much more uncomfortable because I was stuck sitting in the car which was not a favorable position. We sent out texts to friends and family that we were finally going to meet our girl!

We arrived at Blossom at 3:45ish and it couldn’t have been better timing because things started to pick up quickly! I labored on my knees by the bed while one of the assistants gave the best darn hip squeezes ever to help counter the pain of the back labor. Tuck was super sweet and cheering me on. The energy felt awesome and we were all just happy that things were continuing to progress.

I asked to get the tub going and prepared to get in which is when Tuck noticed and quickly stripped down to join his momma in the tub. Once we were both in the water he requested his little green speedboat toy just like we had talked about months prior while preparing him for the birth.

Jacob got in the tub and helped support my upper body and remind me I could do this. He sweetly swept my hair out of my face and kissed my head. With each wave I gently moaned my birth song and with each one, Tuck would get super excited and lean into me and say “is baby sister coming?!” We all laughed and had to explain that it might take a while but she was definitely making her way to us. He then played happily with his boat and every now and then would hold my face and say, “you can do it mommy, you can do it!” MELT MY HEART, my incredible loving boy.

Things started picking up in intensity, I felt each wave beginning and tried my best to relax into them and allow them to bring my girl down. My sweet Tucky held a little mister fan towards my face and poured hot water on my low back, even placing his little hands there as well just as he saw his daddy and the doula doing. I had mixed thoughts swirling through my mind as the pain increased…”I don’t know if I can do this again…this really hurts…breathe…trust yourself Brit, you got this…” and then just as a feeling like I wanted to cry came to the surface I felt transition happening. The urge to push was strong and the next contraction I pushed and felt my water break like a balloon popping! At the same time I pooped a tiny bit (sorry to those that can’t handle the truths of birth! It’s totally normal and I am not ashamed or embarrassed!) and when it happened, Tuck said “ewwwww! What’s that?!” To which our amazing birthing team informed him it was poop…he said he wanted to get out of the tub but then saw them fish the little bit out and decided he was actually ok staying in. (I can just imagine him sharing the story with friends…so yeah, I saw my sister be born and my mom pooped in the tub! Ha!) We all had a little laugh! Moving on…

I continued pushing and felt the moans and groans growing louder as I was working hard to bring baby down. I was able to reach down and feel her head crowning which is just such an incredible feeling! It gave me that extra umph I needed to continue. Parts of this are a blur but while pushing baby girls head was born but then my midwife had me try and breathe and slow down for a minute to pause. I wasn’t sure exactly what was going on but trusted them completely. I was asked to adjust my right leg position and then encouraged to push again and give it my all. I could feel the pressure of her coming down while also feeling a hand inside me…”time to get baby out Brit, c’mon, you can do it…” I gave it everything I had and finally, the rest of my girl was born. They quickly helped me turn around and navigate around the umbilical cord.

My first look at my daughter was not one you’d feel comfortable seeing. She was in my midwifes hands, blue and limp. You see, she had gotten stuck, shoulder dystocia is the term which can be a scary thing.

The amazing thing is, even with this sight, I had absolutely zero worries. The moment I looked at her, even in that state, I was completely calm. It was just this feeling inside, I just KNEW that she was ok.

They quickly placed her on my chest and we rubbed her back and within moments she let out a little sputter and then followed up with her first cry. It was a sound all of us were happy to hear! She quickly began to gain pinkness in her coloring and all was good. Our girl was here!!!

The moment she came out, Tucky yelled, “baby sister!!!!!!” with the biggest smile and just a look of pure joy on his little face! He grabbed my face in a look of total wonder and awe, in his eyes there was a sense of pride…he was damn proud of his momma for doing the hard work. It was a moment I will never forget and one I hope he remembers forever.

We placed the placenta in a bowl and they all helped me out of the tub and to the bed where we got to really get a look at our girl. She was beautiful. She has crazy long nails and wrinkly hands and feet. Her eyes were so big and beautiful and we were just smitten.

Our team encouraged me to chug my postpartum tea because we just weren’t sure if I would end up hemorrhaging or not…it tends to happen when someone has shoulder dystocia. Luckily, I pushed out the placenta and aside from some rather large blood clots, no hemorrhaging!

I felt amazing….I was riding that post birth high. In awe once again at my body for giving birth naturally without any drugs or interventions. Paying gratitude to my body for being able to, because I know this isn’t the case for everyone even if that is their desire.

Rylee girl latched quickly and was cozy and at home in mommas arms. Daddy and big brother snuggled up next to us and just savored the moment…our newest family member was here and our hearts were so full!

She may have waited until 41 weeks and 2 days to make her arrival but once she decided, it all happened fast! 2 hours of active labor and she was earthside! 2/11/19 at 5:40pm weighing 8lbs 13oz and 22” long. Our beautiful, amazing girl.

I am so darn thankful for my amazing husband who supported me as well as helped assure Tuck that Mommy was ok when the pushing stage came and I was louder with my sounds. I am so proud of my boy who was the best little birth partner, making me laugh and showing me his huge heart and loving soul.

We had my incredible, sweet soul sister, Khristina there to capture this special day on camera. I can’t thank you enough for being there on this special day. The images are so beautiful and ones we will treasure forever!!!! It was such a treat to have you there with us because your energy is always so grounding for me and I can just feel the love and support oozing out of you!

And lastly, to our super amazing Blossom Birth and Wellness Center family and especially to my midwife, Mary for helping my girl get here safe! You all have such a special place in our hearts for you helped us bring our babies into this world with such support and love and knowledge. I feel so darn lucky to have you all and can’t thank you each enough!

So, here we are…navigating this new chapter of life. A family of four. A momma to two…one day that won’t sound so weird to me! Tuck is just so in love with his sister, he truly can’t get enough and that in itself is such a beautiful and amazing thing to witness!

Thank you to all who have shown us love in these last few weeks. A big hug to everyone who’s visited or brought meals, who have done special things to help big brother adjust and feel special. Our hearts our overflowing with gratitude and love.

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