Brittany Causey, DC

Brittany Causey, DC Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Phoenix Arizona Natural Birth
Brittany Causey, DC

Dr. Brittany Causey first remembers being exposed to chiropractic care when she was nine years old and her mom brought her infant sister in to see a local chiropractor to help with her sister’s colic. The entire family was amazed by the changes in her sister following gentle chiropractic adjustments. Years later, when Brittany began to suffer neck and back pain in middle school, she would begin to experience chiropractic care herself. She learned so much from the chiropractors that cared for her throughout her young adult life, not just about the spine, but about nutrition, supplements and an overall healthy lifestyle. After high school, Brittany briefly thought about pursuing traditional medical school but realized that it would be much more difficult to spend time and build the relationships that she desired with her future patients. Chiropractic School was an easy choice for her.

Brittany did three years of undergraduate pre-requisite classes at the University of Wisconsin – Madison before transferring to Northwestern Health Sciences University in her home state of Minnesota to complete her bachelor’s degree and work on her Doctorate of Chiropractic degree and acupuncture certification. During Brittany’s last trimester of chiropractic school, she moved to Phoenix for an internship at Cancer Treatment Centers of America. She has always loved the blending of allopathic medicine with alternative forms of medicine and got to experience what this looks like while she was there.

After graduating, she spent almost eight years working at a chiropractic office in Desert Ridge that eventually transitioned to a physical medicine model of care where she again was able to experience some blending of allopathic and alternative medicines. While she loved getting to work with a team of providers and see so many different types of patients, she discovered that her passion was for pediatric, prenatal, and family wellness chiropractic care. Brittany is certified in Webster technique, a specific chiropractic analysis and way of adjusting useful in pregnancy.

Brittany is excited to be a part of the Blossom community and is looking forward to getting to know all the wonderful families here. She loves to spend her free time reading in the sun, going to yoga classes, and traveling with her husband.