Mary Langlois, Midwife, LM, CPM, CrMs Midwife, NaPro Medical Consultant

Mary Langlois, Midwife, LM, CPM, CrMSM, FCP Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Phoenix Arizona Natural Birth
Mary Langlois, Midwife, LM, CPM, CrMSM, FCP

Mary Langlois, CrMSM, FCP is a licensed midwife who’s vast experience supporting women with in childbirth led her to create Blossom Birth Center with Nichelle Whitehead, MD. Mary’s deep and profound understanding of the emotional side of pregnancy and birth has shaped our care at Blossom. Providing holistic, comprehensive prenatal care connecting the mind, body, spirit and baby. She is an expert in normal, natural childbirth and loves helping women grow into mothers. Her mother wisdom is a treasure that she enjoys sharing.

Mary has attended births for over 30 years serving  thousands of families. In 1990, she began attending births as a midwife assistant, then in 1995 became a childbirth educator. In 1996 she went on to practice as a DONA certified birth doula and subsequently a DONA Birth Doula Trainer. Mary founded the Arizona Doulas Organization Birth Education in 1995. As a doula trainer, Mary has trained well over a thousand women, giving them the skills to Support the Woman in Labor. In 2006 Mary became a licensed midwife in Arizona fulfilling her desire to care for women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Mary has an extensive personal knowledge of birth as the mother to eleven children, nine born at home and two in birth centers. Nichelle was present for Mary’s last three births, and her last birth was at Blossom where she was able to experience firsthand Blossom’s care and love with Nichelle as her provider.

Midwifery is a mission and lifestyle for Mary. Her passion has grown into helping women with fertility issues. She has become a Fertility Care Partitioner teaching the Creighton Model System for Blossom Clients and Engaged Couples for The Diocese of Phoenix serving hundreds of families. She also has become a NaproTechnology Medical Consultant. Providing NaproTechnology she has implemented Progesterone Support in Pregnancy and has helped women with infertility achieve pregnancy and prevented recurrent miscarriages.

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