Teresa Cabrera, Birth Assistant

Teresa Cabrera, Birth Assistant Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Natural Birth Phoenix Arizona

Teresa Cabrera is a Colombiana, South American Native, raised in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. This was among her first teachers, alongside the waters, trees, plants, animals, and soil. These initial interactions allowed her to witness and appreciate the beauty of birth, the life cycles, and nature’s interdependence, ultimately leading her into birth work.

Teresa is a Doula/Comadre, Birth Assistant, Lactation Peer Counselor, Nutritionist, Womb Nurturer, Herbalist, Community and Plant-based food Advocate. Her learning and studies have been with DONA, MoDaBa, Health One Connect, Zaagi’idiwin, and in conjunction with traditional indigenous knowledge passed on to her from the Elders, Healers, and Birth Workers in her communities inside the US and Mexico. Teresa has resided in the Phoenix area for the past 17yrs. Her passion is working with families and nurturing them through birth so they can create the stories and optimal experiences they desire.

Teresa actively participates in several community spaces and circles that teach and promote food sovereignty, womb wellness, traditional birth practices, and optimal birthing outcomes. This includes postpartum care and support and experiencing vitality through Yoga and movement. She loves to be active and outdoors but also appreciates stillness and the beauty within. She is a lifelong student.