Chynna Lyons, MA, LM, CPM

Chynna Lyons, MA, Apprentice Midwife Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Phoenix Arizona Natural Birth
Chynna Lyons, MA, Apprentice Midwife

Before finding her love for birth, Chynna worked as a Medical Assistant at a busy family practice. She always knew she wanted to help care for families. After the highly medicated birth of her first child in 2010, she knew there had to be a better way to bring life into the world. With the birth of her 2nd child, she did a deep dive into natural childbirth and prepared herself to have a different experience. With the help of a doula and midwife, she recognized the power that women have had for all of time – that we know how to birth our babies naturally.

In 2015 Chynna started her training as a doula and midwife’s assistant through Birth Arts International and many local workshops throughout the Phoenix Valley. Within that time, she birthed her third child at home with the care of professional midwives. 

In 2018, Chynna attended a DONA doula training facilitated by Mary and was invited to join the Blossom team as a birth assistant shortly afterward. She has been with Blossom for close to 2 years before transitioning into the role of Apprentice Midwife, working towards her CPM/LM through the North American Registry of Midwives. As of 2023, she is now a fully licensed midwife.

With her own diverse birth experiences, Chynna believes each woman deserves love and support regardless of where they choose to birth. Women have the intuition needed to make the best-informed choices for their bodies and babies. She enjoys binge-watching Netflix, spending time in a circle with her sisters, yoga, and traveling with her family.