Hosanna’s Birth Story

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Hosanna’s Birth Story


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Hosanna’s name was given to us way before she was conceived. It means praise God in the highest. Indeed, praise God in the highest for this great blessing!

Hosanna was my first pregnancy. Each prenatal visit with Mary, Nichelle and Diane was sacred. We spent a lot of time focusing on my nutrition, praying over my job stress and most importantly- Hosanna’s birth and who would be in the birth room. As a hispanic, the culture of my family is to have everyone join in on the celebration! But I just didn’t want that for my new family. I wanted those early moments to be ours, and private. This caused me a great deal of anxiety and through Blossom’s persistent support, I was able to fight for the birth my husband and I envisioned!

Labor was intense, but greatly eased through the loving hands and compassionate guidance of my husband, my doulas (Sommer & Jacqueline) and midwives/OB (Mary & Nichelle). Every need was met before I could utter it from my lips. When Hosanna finally joined us earthside, the room was filled with so much love- it was overwhelming!

The care I received was tailored to my circumstances. I was important to the staff at Blossom. They called Hosanna by name before she was born! Everything about Blossom is lovely and my memories of Hosanna’s birth will always be cherished. Even our breastfeeding needs were met postpartum as the staff at Blossom worked relentlessly to ease me into motherhood and encourage my confidence in feeding my newborn.

Mary & Nichelle are incredible lights to the world of women health. My family has been blessed to know these women and to have been under their care!

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