A Husband’s Experience

A Husband's Experience blossom birth and wellness center phoenix arizona

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A Husband’s Experience


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A Husband's Experience blossom birth and wellness center phoenix arizona3As a husband I felt my experience was so profound that I wanted to leave my own review separate from my wife’s experience (also 5 stars and wonderful). We found Blossom to be a truly amazing experience! My wife and I visited several birthing centers including Baby Moon (we also liked our tour/consultation there) however, we ended up going with Blossom because of their amazing staff and the comfort and security we felt in their presence.

My wife and I were very excited for our first child and we wanted very much to have a successful natural birth. Although you cannot control the outcome of a well thought out birth plan, you can control the people you choose to support/lead you along the way. A major factor in our decision to select Blossom was based our comfort level should we have to deviate from our birth plan. After meeting the Blossom team we felt not only at home, but also as if we were in the care of passionate professionals with the approachability of your favorite aunt/family member.

Our prenatal appointments rotated between Nichelle, Mary, and Amy and all of three of them brought a special perspective and unique insights to the natural birth preparation. My wife and I were excited at the prospect of any one of these women facilitating our birth plan.The thing that stands out the most in our prenatal appointments was the comfort my wife and I felt to ask a number of questions and the feedback we received was never coalesced in judgement or a strong persuasion to a specific methodology. Through the entire process we always felt immense flexibility and support in our birth plan.

A Husband's Experience blossom birth and wellness center phoenix arizona 2When the day of our birth came, Mary was the attending midwife and she facilitated the most amazing birth experience for both my wife and I. My wife wanted a water birth and when active labor started to stagnate (2+ hours in the tub), Mary suggested we change position and try the birthing chair. Within an hour our baby boy was born and this was due to Mary’s wisdom and immense birthing experience to guide my wife each step of the way. Mary offered a wonderful mix of soft consoling, firm encouragement, and steadfast guidance when needed. Our overall birth experience was the result of the incredible trust, guidance, encouragement, and the impeccable passion the blossom birthing team provided from the moment we walked in the door.

In reading some of the review from late 2016 and early 2017 about poor response time and/or customer service, I can say that my wife and I did not experience any such issues from our first request for a tour/orientation to the numerous follow up calls we received throughout the process. Whatever shortcoming may have been experienced by others certainly do not seem to present with the current staff/team. We attended a bradley class with several other Blossom couples and our experience and sentiments towards Blossom were shared amongst the group. My wife and I have since referred a friend who is an expecting mother (whom was not even considering a natural birth) and she has since decided to go the natural birth route after her first consultation with Blossom.

We would highly recommend Blossom for anyone looking for a extremely loving, professional, caring, experienced, intimate, and secure birthing experience!!!

Cole S.

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