Adam and Krystle

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Adam and Krystle


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My first birth with my first daughter was a homebirth, so I didn’t really know what to expect having my next be at the birthing center. The whole process from start to finish was so simple and peaceful.

Each prenatal visit was wonderful. I loved coming in to see Mary. She is one of the gentlest, and kindest people I have met. At each visit, I was able to talk with her about my fears and anxieties along with my excitement about my new baby to come. I loved it that I looked forward to each prenatal visit, and really felt like Mary shared my same enthusiasm for my new little one

On the day that I gave birth to Claire, I woke up to my water breaking. I started having light contractions about an hour later, and Nichelle told me to eat a good breakfast and come on over to the birthing center. When I got there everything was ready for me. The water for my birthing tub was being prepared, and the center was very quiet with soft music in the background. I was able to work through my contractions however I pleased with encouraging words and support all around me. I was so at ease. I remember laughing in between contractions while I was in the birthing tub with my husband. When it came time to start pushing, I was able to move around in any position I needed to be more comfortable- just like I did with my homebirth. The best part was that Mary and Nichelle let me be in control of my birth and I felt that I had the right and permission to do it how my body was leading me. That felt wonderful.

Once Claire was born, she was placed immediately in my arms and was nursing in minutes. My husband and I laughed, cried, laid there with our precious new girl, and got to soak every moment in. Even though we still had our midwives and doula in the room, I felt like it was just the three of us- they were so respectful and made us feel so comfortable to really, truly be in the moment. I was so pleased with my experience at Blossom- Over the moon actually! I have recommended them to friends and will definitely continue going there for each new baby to come! A huge thanks to Mary and Nichelle for treating me and my family so kind, and giving me the best birthing experience! It is so wonderful to look back at both of my births and be so happy with the entire process. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Adam, Krystle, Ellie and baby Claire

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