Exploring costs for maternity care can be challenging. Our Medical Director, Nichelle Whitehead, MD, is contracted as and IN-Network Provider with the following Insurance Plans:

  • BlueCross and Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • Arizona Care Network
  • Aetna
  • Medica / Bright Health
  • United Health Care (Not the AHCCCS Plan)

Provider means the Doctor. Facility means the place where you give birth.

For example: Doctor = Provider & Hospital = Facility

Blossom Birth Center is a Facility where you give birth so clients are responsible for the provider portion and the facility fees.  Plus, you may be responsible for your baby’s deductible when born at our facility.


In Network Provider Covered and Facility Covered Insurance Plans

Nichelle Whitehead, MD is contracted as an In-Network Provider and Blossom is contracted as an In-Network Facility with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, and Arizona Care Network (intel) and Medica/Bright Health. Blossom collects your deductible, co-insurance and co-pays for mother and baby as your individual plan requires for both provider and facility.


In Network Provider Covered Only / Facility Not Covered

Nichelle Whitehead, MD is contracted as an In-Network Provider Only with the following Insurance companies: AetnaArizona Care Network, and United Health Care. With these insurance companies we collect deductibles, co-insurance and co-pays for the provider portion and a facility fee.  Clients are responsible for their total Facility portion.

Your total costs for provider and facility will never exceed our cash pay price of $5500.

If Blossom is not contracted with your insurance plan we are considered out of network, and cost is based on your plan benefits. To determine your insurance plan coverage complete our verification of benefits.


Please click the Verification of Benefits button and submit your insurance information so we can provide you with our best estimate of your total out of pocket costs. You should receive an email explaining your benefits within 5 business days if all necessary information is provided.



Health Shares
Blossom has worked with many health shares. We will provide all the necessary invoices and documentation you need.

Cash Pay Clients
We welcome cash pay clients and offer fees that are competitive and fair for all clients seeking an out of hospital birth experience. Our maternity Care Package includes all of your prenatal Care, Labor, Birth and Postpartum Care for you and your baby and that cost is $5500. This does not include, labs, ultrasounds, Rhogam Injections, Newborn Blood Spot Screening or additional testing. We do have great cash pay options for labs and ultrasounds as we are always trying to help reduce costs for all families while ensuring the best care possible.

Blossom Birth Center accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and United Medical Credit. Blossom Birth and Wellness Center offers payment plans.

Does Blossom take AHCCCS?
Blossom Birth Center is not contracted with AHCCCS plans but we do offer a discount for clients with AHCCCS and encourage clients to apply for the Willow Wish Grant   These grants help fund a portion of your birth center fees.

Please call our office with any additional questions 602-256-7766