Kathryn Shakal, Office Administrator

Kathryn Shakal, Birth Assistant Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Phoenix Arizona Natural Birth
Kathryn Shakal, Birth Assistant

Born and raised in the beautiful green state of Wisconsin, Kathryn Shakal transplanted to Arizona to live in a warm climate. She studied midwifery through a distance program, earned her certificate as a doula with the Midwest Maternal Child Institute, received charting and fertility training from Fertility Education and Medical Management, and assisted a midwife in Wisconsin for a year. She took some time away from healthcare work to live in and travel around Europe for two years while earning a Master’s in Marriage and Family Studies from the International Theological Institute.

After settling into Phoenix, working at Blossom Birth Center as a birth assistant, and becoming a Fertility Care Practitioner under the Creighton Model of FertiltyCare, she took over managing the office. She is thrilled to be able to use her studies and passions to help create a warm, personalized experience of genuine healthcare for women.