Erin Yocom, BSM, LM, CPM

Erin Yocom, LM, CPM Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Phoenix Arizona Natural Birth
Erin Yocom, LM, CPM

Erin’s beginning interest in natural birth and the world of midwifery came after attending the hospital birth of her first nephew. While the birth was powerful and transformative, she was left with a lingering feeling that there must be another way.

Erin’s passion deepened after exploring childbirth topics and women’s studies during her undergraduate education. She left the midwest to attend Birthingway College of Midwifery, graduating in 2015. Erin was fortunate to train in both home and birth center settings under the guidance of CPMs and CNMs.

In 2017 she returned to her midwest roots, where she ran a thriving home birth practice in the sometimes rural and remote countryside of North Dakota. Closing the gap on a long-distance relationship and seeking a larger community of midwives, Erin relocated to Arizona and joined the Blossom team in 2021.

She is a stepmom to a pre-teen professional wrestling fanatic, full-time parent to four beloved dogs, and begrudging roommate to one very fluffy rabbit.