Liliana Roth, LM, CPM

Liliana Roth, LM, CPM, Blossom Birth and Wellness Center in Phoenix Arizona natural birth

From an early age, Liliana knew she wanted to help empower birthing people through their antenatal, labor, and postpartum experiences. After learning more about midwifery and the more holistic ways of women’s health care, a whole new world opened up, and in 2015, Liliana enrolled at Via Vita School of Midwifery to pursue becoming a Midwife. The
the same year, she and her partner moved from their snowy hometown of Anchorage, Alaska, to the warmth and sunshine of Mesa, Arizona.

Liliana finished Via Vita in 2017 and then began working on completing her clinical experience and requirements for PEP through the North American Registry of Midwives to become a Certified Professional Midwife and Licensed Midwife (CPM, LM). She had the
privilege of working as an apprentice, doula, and birth assistant under many home birth midwives, serving 200+ home birth families across the Phoenix metro area, as well as a few rural births in northern Arizona. In 2022, Liliana finished her clinical experience and became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), Licensed Midwife in the State of Arizona
(LM). She was very excited when the opportunity came about to join the Blossom team, and she looks forward to supporting and empowering birthing people and their families during their time with blossom.

During her downtime, Liliana enjoys spending time with her partner Thomas and their two cats. She does various forms of art, such as acrylic painting and pottery, and finds it a great way to express herself. She also really loves getting out into nature and going camping.