Sydney Pauker, Birth Helper

Sydney Pauker, Birth Helper Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Natural Birth Phoenix Arizona

Sydney is a true desert rat, moving to Phoenix when she was one month old. In her senior year of high school, Sydney went to Uganda, Africa, to volunteer at a baby’s home, where she assisted with caring for NICU babies. A few years later went to Tanzania to help at an orphanage. She found her love of birthing moms and babies while being a doula in Nairobi, Kenya, where she assisted at around 700 births.

You will find Sydney helping around the Blossom Birth Center, helping here and there with the birth assistants and midwives. When not working at Blossom, you can find her studying to become an Ambassador for teaching moms how to prepare for a VBAC. Sydney loves taking care of her pet water lizard, Pauline.