Elena “Lani” Schopp, RN, Birth Assistant

Lani Schopp, RN, Birth Assistant Blossom Birth and Wellness Center Phoenix Arizona Natural Birth
Lani Schopp, RN, Birth Assistant

Lani moved to Phoenix in 2015 after the birth of two babies, the first of which was caught by Mary at Blossom, five professional birth worker trainings (birth, postpartum and placenta encapsulation), and countless sleepless nights unconditionally supporting young moms in the Chicago area. Homesick for the community of strong supportive women she had in Chicago, Lani quickly began to rebuild a similar group of like-mined women around her in the Phoenix area. After two weeks she soon connected with a great community of women during their pregnancies, births and immediate postpartum period.

Lani completed a bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy and has taken those practiced skills of empathy, validating feelings, seeing strengths, and helping to work through struggles into her doula career. She loves meeting women and supporting them without judgment because she understands that there is no perfect way to birth or parent. She is here to help love women during their birth at Blossom! She will be a loving support, guardian of your emotional journey and hold the energy of love and protection during your birth experience.