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Anna Gomez, Midwife (RN, CNM)

Anna Gomez RN, CNM - small blossom birth center in phoenix arizona

Anna’s deep appreciation and passion for out of hospital birth and midwifery care started while pregnant with her first child. She had planned to deliver in a hospital with a traditional OB/GYN practice, but after Anna’s doctor told her she would not be able to have a natural labor and birth experience due to her “short stature and narrow hips”, she sought more holistic care elsewhere. Her search led her to the Blossom Birth and Wellness Center. After experiencing the compassionate, holistic, evidence-based care from Blossom, she felt the strong calling to become a midwife herself and provide comprehensive women’s healthcare to women and their families in Phoenix, Arizona.

Anna has worked in the healthcare field for 10 years. First, as a certified nursing assistant. She then obtained her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Arizona State University and worked as a registered nurse. As she journeyed through motherhood, the calling to midwifery grew stronger and she joined Blossom Birth and Wellness Center as a birth assistant. There, the seeds of midwifery care continued to cultivate. She researched programs to obtain her midwifery training and chose the prestigious dual program at Georgetown University. It was here, Anna obtained her Master of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in midwifery and women’s healthcare.

Anna’s faith in God drives her to want to love and care for others to the best of her ability. Through this, Anna recognizes menarche, pregnancy, birth and menopause as natural developmental processes of the woman’s lifespan. She deeply desires to provide women and families respectful and compassionate care, they will feel empowered by. She is excited and grateful to apply her rigorous training and education from Georgetown University as a Certified Nurse Midwife and Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner. She considers it a privilege and honor to work alongside the gifted, and well-round Blossom Birth Center team.

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